Marketing Automation

With our Marketing Automation solution for Real Estate Professionals, you will be able to handle what no one has time for: nurture your prospects, follow-up on missed appointments, collect additional information and much more!

What do I get with Real Estate
Marketing Automation solution?

1. Automated Marketing strategy Template for your Real Estate Business – $1,000 Value
  • DC4RE team pre-loads your ActiveCampaign account with Marketing Automation Template for your specific real estate business focus e.g. Investor, Syndicator, etc. 
  • Template provides you with a campaign framework: sequence of steps, automated logic, etc.  
  • Flexibility to modify steps, campaign logic and anything else you wish! 
2. Real Estate marketing emails framework –$500 Value
  • DC4RE provides you with marketing emails framework designed specifically for Real Estate professionals e.g. Investor, Syndicator, etc. These templates will help you get started with your campaign and make your marketing most effective! 
3. Video tutorials for Real Estate Marketing Automation– $250 Value
  • DC4RE provides you with educational videos to help you get started with Marketing campaign: account overview, data base upload, setting up and sending out your marketing campaign, etc. These tutorials will walk you through the entire process and help you get going with your marketing!  
4. ActiveCampaign Lite Account - $15/month for up to 500 contacts
  • DC4RE team uses ActiveCampaign as marketing and sales automation provider for a number of reasons. To get started with automations, you will require a monthly subscription of $15/month. Complete pricing schedule is here
Total Value of $1750 for ONLY $15/month! 

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How do Real Estate Professionals benefit from
Marketing Automation?

Investor Automation
Case Study

As a Real Estate Investor, you are likely to create fundraising activities, send out deal announcements or look for JV partners. Here is an example of how our Marketing Automation can help you get these tasks accomplished with ease.

Syndicator Automation
Case Study

As a Real Estate Syndicator, you are most likely engaged in numerous prospecting activities such as sending out newsletters, doing interviews, attending a networking event, etc. Here is an example of how our Marketing Automations can make your life easier.

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Marketing Automation

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