Real Estate customer relationship management (CRM) is essential to succeed in today’s challenging and exciting marketplace.

Those who master the use of CRM software can vastly improve their closure rates far surpassing competitors who “stay organized” with paper notes and Excel spreadsheets alone.

What do I get with Real Estate CRM solution?

Custom CRM framework for your Real Estate business e.g. Investor, Flipper, Broker, etc. - $3,000+ Value
  • DC4RE team uses PipeDrive as a platform to build flexible custom Real Estate CRM frameworks for your specific business niche. We find PipeDrive to be the most user-friendly and cost-effective for Real Estate Professionals.
How do I order Real Estate CRM solution?

Step #1 Sign up for Real Estate CRM solution for $495. 

 DC4RE charges a one time service fee for your Pipedrive CRM customization.

Step #2 Register for $15/month Pipedrive account (or enter code: pdp-DC4RE-CRM).

You will automatically receive 14 days free trial!

Step #3 Complete CRM set up form.

Step #4  DC4RE team will customize your CRM solution within 2 business days once Step #3 is complete.

Here are a few case studies to give you an idea of how your Real Estate CRM solution will look like once completed.

 Q: What are my monthly expenses once my CRM is set up? – $15/month for your Pipedrive account. 

 Q: What if I need help managing my CRM? – DC4RE Unlimited Support for only $79/month.

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How do Real Estate Professionals benefit

from CRM?

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CRM Case Study

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CRM Case Study

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