If you don’t care much about marketing efficiency and rapidly growing your sales, Mailchimp will work just fine. If you want to save time, make your digital marketing more efficient and make money faster, ActiveCampaign is the professional tool for you! In case you are on the edge, here the apple to apple comparison of both software:

# of subscribersYou pay for 1 subscriber per list.

Note: if you have 1 email contact and you have it in 3 different lists, it will count as 3 subscribers!
You pay per unique email.
1 email = 1 subscriber.
# of Automations(1) OneUnlimited
e.g. meeting set up and follow up
Custom BrandingYes, with paid account Yes, default
Advanced AutomationNot availableAvailable
# of listsUnlimited

BUT every time you create a new list you duplicate the contact and you pay extra. It limits people from the proper identification of their contacts.
Site TrackingNot AvailableAvailable
e.g. tracks subscribers’ behavior: what site page was visited and how many times.
Chrome ExtensionNot availableAdd contacts straight from your Gmail!
Drag & Drop Email DesignerAvailableAvailable
Free Email TemplatesAvailableAvailable
Calendar Scheduling tool integrationThe integration is available on Mailchimp, BUT you would not be able to develop multistep automation with conditions like “follow up” in case they missed the meeting. Available
Contact profileAvailable with limitationUnlimited contact profile e.g. gives you overall picture about the contact.
Contact profile view customizationNot availableFully customization
Advance reportingNot availableAvailable
GoalsNot available“Goals” help stop automation after the goal was achieved.
Price0-2k subscribers- Free

0-500 - $10
500-1.5k - $20
1.5k-2.5k - $29
0-500 subscribers - $15
500-1k - $29
1k-2.5k - $49

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